Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dammit Doll for Christmas Gifts!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I currently work full time in a dental office. I've heard that drama in any office is pretty common, but my office is constantly at war with each other. I'm not going to go into details (I actually wrote a 8 page essay about it once for a class), but just know that there is quite a lot of tension.

I was watching a YouTube vlog from WahlieTV, and while shopping, they came across these things called Dammit Dolls. It sparked my curiosity, so I decided to look into it some more. I was intrigued and I thought it was funny, so I ended up buying three.

Here is what I ended up purchasing:

Here is the message stitched onto it:

I think it's a pretty funny gift, especially when you work in an environment full of stress and frustrations.

You can purchase the doll here:

I purchased mine from Amazon, and each one roughly cost $15.87, which does seem a little overpriced for a stuffed piece of cloth. If it cost a little less, I would purchase one for each person in the office (around 20 employees). But for now, I'm just handing them out to the insurance/billing department and one of my favorite employees in the reception area.

UPDATE: My co-workers enjoyed the idea, which hit my goal of trying to deviate tension here in the room.

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