Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Q Box Unboxing

Feeling a little guilty because I have 3 unfinished posts on here pending, and it's taking forever for me to at least finish one! I dropped my phone a couple of weeks ago and cracked both camera sides, and everything has just been a blur when I attempt to take pictures. Oh well...

Anyways, back in January I was obsessed with looking for some subscription boxes to sign up for, and ended up purchasing the March Q box. I'm sure most of you all have heard of this subscription box, but if not, read on!

It isn't actually a "subscription" box unless you purchase the 3, 6, or 12-months plan, since they don't really offer a recurring monthly payment that gives your a box every month.
When you open it, the items come wrapped in a pink wrapping tissue and the description card on top.
Items included:

 Rilakkuma Keychain, $12

Smart Wing Stand, $7

Tsumari Ghisota Little Kitty Sleep Mask, $20

Nuances Bow-Knot Earrings, $9

Card says lipstick, this is obviously lip gloss >;(

Glam Rock Lipstick, $19

Nana Page Animal Letter, $3

Microfiber Beauty Towel, $9.99

(Creepy, gave to my grandma)

This is the back of the card with the item names and prices.

And a snack....

Would I purchase another box?
Not anytime soon. The box cost $24.95 plus $7.50 for shipping to Texas from Canada. Total for the box came out to $32.45. According to the card, the overall cost of the items in the box comes out to $79.99, which looks like a great deal. However, the some expensive items in the box (lipstick, sleep mask, towel) are items I'm not too fond of. I think I would've loved the lipstick, but I ended up getting something more along the lines of sheer lipgloss. I hate lipgloss.

Also, in terms of shipping, it says on the site that the boxes shipped on the 15th of March. I received this package on the 25th. They didn't send me a tracking number, so I had emailed them. They replied after I had already received my box, and apparently they were having system issues so they weren't able to send out tracking information.

I'm almost upset in spending money on this box, and the fact that I just saw sneak previews of April's box, I'm sure I would've liked it more. They didn't even have a sneak preview for March, super dumb.

If you are interested, they actually have a special right now that includes the March and April box for $49.90. You don't really receive a savings on the actual boxes, more like you're saving on shipping. Shipping out two boxes for the price of one shipping cost.

Basically, there's a little buyer's remorse in me. But I'm getting over that, it was fun and now I shall move on.

Has anyone purchased the Q box before? Did you like what you got? 

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