Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

Super late in doing this post! As I was staring at all my unfinished posts this month, I told myself that I needed to at least get this one up by this weekend.

What's the 'Versatile Blogger Award'?
The Versatile Blogger Award is given to bloggers, who are popular for their good quality style of writing and overall the quality and uniqueness of their blogs.

-Thank the person who nominated you
-Share 7 facts about you
-Nominate 15 other blogs

Special thanks to Jenny and Siren Seven for nominating me! It was great reading and learning more about you ladies.
Now, 7 Things You May or May Not Have Known About Me:

Ironically, I don't really like describing or talking about myself. I'm one of those people in the first day of class that freezes when the professor asks you to stand up and tell everyone about yourself. Even in interviews when they ask you to talk about yourself, I get tense and nervous and start sweating profusely. 

I'm 23 going on 16. I swear, each year I know I'm getting older, but I still feel like a child. I'm jealous of those who are younger than me and already have their whole lives planned and paved for them. I live in a region where it's normal for women to get married and have children by the time they graduate high school, so they tend to get jobs and responsibility faster than I did. Not saying marriage and kids are the answer, but I need to mature soon!

I used to want to be a dentist. This is a sad story but I had early acceptance to dental school my soph year of college but partied a little too much and didn't pass the entrance exam (1 point off). Though I got depressed about it for a while because all my friends were going to medical school, I realized how much I would've hated the profession. I think my rejection was a sign that it just wasn't for me. 
I used to be blonde, and any new person I meet that sees old pictures literally tells me that I looked better as a blonde and I should go back. Tough shit, cause it ain't happening again.
People defined me as "emo" back in high school. I didn't really care what people called me back then, but this picture 10 years ago is hilarious to me now:
I have no talents. I used to take dance for 8 years (ballet, tap, jazz) and play the piano and flute. BUT I JUST SUCK AT ALL OF IT. I can't draw either. I'm seriously not good at anything, and I've accepted it. Screw it. 
I never forget a face, or even a name. Sometimes, I'll even remember specific facts about a person who I only converse with once. This is really dumb to me because I can't even memorize stuff for my exams! Also, I feel stupid when I see someone I've been introduced to before and they try to introduce themselves to me. Like either I have a good memory, or I'm just seriously a forgettable person. 

Yeah, I'm ridiculously boring and bland. Hopefully you all are still awake right now.

My Nominations: 
Most people I would've nominated already posted their facts, so that's why I couldn't reach 15 people :o

Thank you again for the nomination, and hope to read more from everyone else!

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