Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Life Update + Q Box Again?!

I'm even too lazy to put a different picture from my last post :x

[Disclaimer] This is going to be some useless babble on my part.

It's almost been an entire month since I've written a blog post, which is crazy because looking back I didn't realize how busy it was this past month for me (it really wasn't though). I finished all my assignments and finally set to graduate next month! Which means more time to purchase useless things to write about.

The past couple of months I tried out a whole new set of skincare products, only to realize it was seriously doing some damage to my face. I haven't been reviewing them because of my crappy phone situation but I'm hoping to get a new on in a couple of weeks. Will make do for now.

I also plan on doing a 5 day juice cleanse next week starting Monday. I've gained about 20-30 lbs this past year from all the stress of work and school, and I'm seriously ready to going back to my old confident self. If anyone is interested in reading a blog about my experience and results with that, let me know! I did the 3 day cleanse last month and managed to lose 7 lbs. I was going crazy and violent though. We shall see, we shall see.

Buying Another Q Box?!
I also wanted to share a new special edition Q Box that is coming out. If you read my previous post, March Q Box Unboxing, then you would know that I pretty much thought it was crap (for lack of a better word). Well, yesterday I received an email from there regarding the new theme:

Sailor Moon Special Edition Box
Price: $49.99 + $7.50 shipping to Texas

Price is borderline ridiculous, but I'm too easily pulled into anything Sailor Moon related. There is a huge chance I may be royally disappointed again, but I have seen that their special edition boxes have more promise than their monthly ones. Anyways, I did buy it, so lets hope I'll be one happy camper at the end of June. I'll be 24 by then, btw :<

Do you guys think it'll be worth it? The feeling is similar to wanting to break up with your boyfriend but you keep putting it off because you have hope that it'll get better down the road. Yeah, it's like that.

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