Sunday, September 6, 2015

[Review] TONYMOLY Liptone in "Get it Tint"

I apologize (for the millionth time) that it's been such a long time since my last post, since I really don't have a good enough reason except that I've been lazy ~_~ Once I get my momentum going, I'll try to share my experiences with all the products I tried during the past months. Promises, promises.

First review I'll be doing is on the TONYMOLY Liptone "Get it Tint" ($7.77) in the color #05 All Night Red. I received this courtesy of, which is a relatively new online store that sells not only Korean cosmetics, but also socks (super random), circle lenses, and handbags.

The product comes in 6 different colors:

I seriously stared at all the colors for a good hour before choosing one because they all look so good!

Packaging: From first glance, it looks like your regular plain jane nail polish packaging. You actually remove the rectangular top (which seems to serve a useless purpose), and it reveals the actual top you screw off. You just have a regular lip gloss applicator.

Smell: Reminds me of those bubble bath soaps I used when I was little. Has a slight artificial fruity smell. Then again, I don't trust my sense of smell too well, so I don't know. Nothing annoying.

Consistency: Perfect. Not too watery and not too thick.

Color: I decided to get the color that was in between the "brightest" red and the "darkest" red. Why? Not very sure. But I really love the color. It doesn't give off that "I'm dressed to impress today" look, so it's perfect for everyday wear.

Lasting Power: How I determine if the tint/stain is worth it or not really depends on color and staying power. I'm the type to plow on my stains onto my lips because I like to eat and drink throughout the day, and am too lazy to reapply anything. If I still have lip color after lunch (5 hours since I got dressed), I'm happy. This stain does just that. I've always been a fan of the "I just ate a cherry popsicle" look, if you know what I mean ~_~

I don't use gloss or chapstick over the stain, so my lips are cracked and shit. But it's okay with me that it doesn't look exactly like that example picture at the top. I've always been  self conscious of my lips since they're a bit uneven due to an ex's dog biting off a chunk of my lip years ago. The scar will forever be there :(

Final Verdict:

This is quite possibly my favorite tint. After trying this out, I'm actually tempted to purchase more (if not all) colors in the line.

Let me know if any of you have tried this out! Or if there's a particular lip tint or stain that you recommend. I've been trying to use up the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint recently, but really hated using it.

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