Thursday, October 1, 2015

[Haul] Kosmeshop + Shopping Experience

A couple of posts ago, I recently reviewed the TonyMoly Liptone courtesy of Kosmeshop. Prices were low and the person that responds to emails was incredibly nice, so I thought it to try to make my next haul from there. Try everything at least once, right?

Here are the items I ordered;

According to their site, they have been selling cosmetics and women's handbags for 5 years in both Japan and America. They sell socks, handbags, circle lenses, and Korean make-up and skincare. Some of the brands they sell are Amore Pacific, TonyMoly, SkinFood, Nature Republic, Etude House, and many more.

I'm not sure if they had another website or sold items elsewhere, but this site happens to be fairly new. I've seen a lot of information on the site change just in the past 2-3 weeks.

Shipping costs are based on the weight of your purchased items. I typically avoid sites that require me to pay depending on weight, but if the prices are amazing, I don't mind.

You can purchase a tracking number for $2.50 or purchase EMS shipping for an additional $24. Purchases over $50 USD get free tracking with their standard shipping and purchases over $300 USD receive EMS shipping (doesn't specify if you still need to pay the initial shipping cost based on item weight).

My total came to a little less than $170. If I wanted to get EMS for my items, I would need to pay $23 for standard shipping due to weight plus $24 for the EMS. I decided $45+ shipping cost was not worth it.

Order & Shipping Problems (it's detailed, fair warning):
I ordered and paid for my items on Sept. 12. The site states that they ship items "3-7 business days after payment is received." When I purchased my items, this statement used to say 3-4 business days, so I contacted them on Sept. 16 asking if there were any problems with my order. I received a response the next day (Sept. 17) that one of my ordered products was out of stock and they would be restocking the next day. By Sept. 18, I was emailed that my order had been shipped. There was no tracking number (supposed to be included if you order over $50 USD) on the email or on my account page, so  I sent another email. The response came on Sept. 20 stating that they were closed and would check on the order the next day.

By the 22nd, I resent the email asking for tracking since I hadn't received an update. I got an answer stating that my out of stock product was actually discontinued and they would check their other branches. They gave me an "advanced" tracking number, but still nothing shipped. I didn't understand why they gave me a tracking number without getting shipped, so I emailed again on the 25th. Their response was that they would get the "out of stock" item on the 26th. However, it would be a holiday from the 26th-29th, so my order won't ship until the 29th (LUCKY ME). They also threw in there that TWO OTHER of my ordered products were discontinued and I could either chose a replacement product or refund. I chose a refund. They also gave me the choice of getting all my items shipped together on the 29th or getting everything else shipped that day (25th) while get the out of stock item shipped on the 29th. I chose the latter.

They kindly refunded me and stated that the ordered being shipped on the 25th would be sent through EMS at no extra charge. The out of stock item would be sent once holiday is over (30th), though I'm not sure if that would be sent through EMS as well, or just standard shipping.

My order was shipped out (except the out of stock product) on the 25th, as promised, and received on the 30th. As of right now, I haven't received notification that my last item has shipped. Technically, since it's Oct. 2 there now, it should've shipped already. I will most likely email again tomorrow to follow up, and still not sure what shipping speed I'll receive for that one.

I did get some nice gifts and samples though, which I'm very thankful for despite the trouble it was for my order to get processed:

Kosmeshop is a nice fairly new Korean skincare and make-up site. It has competitive prices with the opportunity to write reviews and receive buying credit for each review (much like Jolse). However, due to my first purchase experience with them, I might not make a new purchase anytime soon.

I think my biggest problem was getting a "shipped" email when it really wasn't shipped and getting the run around for a while. I would've been much happier if  I was told that certain products were out of stock or discontinued earlier than finding out two weeks later that 3 items were discontinued. It makes me wonder when they would have contacted me if I didn't email them first, or constantly bug them.

Customer service is nice, but I think only one person handles most of the emails, so I had to keep following up with her and send multiple emails (I'm annoying, I know).

In the end, they were nice and were able to help fix my order eventually. My refund was processed quickly as well. Even then, I doubt I'd make any new orders from them soon though. Hopefully by next year they'll be more established and I can take a look at buying something again.

If anyone was curious, these are the three products that were either out of stock/discontinued:
  1. IOPE Bio Activator Plant Stem Cell Active, $54.42 (This is the one that should've shipped already)
  2. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Lotion, $15.53 (Discontinued)
  3. Skinfood Black Bean Nose Pack, $3.30 (Discontinued)

Let me know if you have purchased from them before! I'd like to know your experience.

I sent another email after this post and my IOPE Bio Activator was shipped on the 2nd of October through EMS. I received it today, the 9th.

Despite the complications and hurdles during this transaction, I am grateful that it has finally been resolved.

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