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[Review] Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint

Hi All!

I hope everyone's October has been great so far. As I'm writing this, I'm currently on Day 1 of the 3-Day Military Diet, so I'm a little meh right now. Crossing my fingers that it does do some work for me (yes, I know it's not the safest diet out there). I'm doing it more as a jump-start to my "healthy" eating habits, since I typically eat tacos and burgers every single day. But to distract myself from the hunger pangs, I'm back with anther lip tint review!

One of my recent purchases from Kosmeshop, were two lip tints from Etude House called Dear Darling Water Tint ($3.41). They were fairy inexpensive, so I thought why not try them out?

I purchased two out of the three colors, which were Orange Ade and Strawberry Ade. I passed on Cherry Ade mostly because I have enough red lip tints.

Why are the lips on these swatch models so perfect?! Grrrr


Vivid and beautiful color as fruit ade.

Rich vitamin and moisturizing ingredient in pomegranate extract and grapefruit extract contained.

Water type of lip tint is absorbed to lips quickly and lasts long time without stickiness.

Packaging: The packaging is just a very simple cylindrical shape. Nothing special and nothing out of the ordinary.

Applicator is also nothing we haven't seen before
Smell: The scent is certainly fruity. I'm not quite sure if the scents differ depending on the color (strawberry, cherry, orange). It reminds me of those Crayola scented markers we all wanted when we were little, but more potent. It's not a bothersome scent and smells rather nice depending on your preference.

Consistency: Just as the name says, this tint is definitely very watery. If I had to describe the consistency, I would say it's just like food coloring mixed with water. Because of this, it's difficult to apply accurately as the color spreads out when it touches your lips.

Color: How do they get the lips to be so shiny and nice in the stock sample photos?!?!

This is with one thin streak on my the back of my hand.
As you can see, the tint bleeds out quite a bit.

It definitely did bleed out when I applied it, likely because of the watery consistency. The Orange Ade had about 3 layers, and was still patchy around the corners. The Strawberry Ade had 2 layers. I don't do the gradient effect because it makes me look a little sick, and people start asking me if I feel alright >_<

If your lips tend to get chapped easily, I say stay away. For me, I don't mind the chapped lips look. You can always add some chapstick over it, though it may not last as long on.

Unfortunately, no full face pictures this time. My eyes got into some reaction when I was putting in my contacts the other day, and they've been really sensitive to some light and flash. I'll be wearing my glasses for a while :< slightly annoying since I don't have a nose bridge to hold them up.

Lasting Power: Not as great as the TonyMoly Liptone Get It Tint that I reviewed last month. Maybe because I loved that tint, but this one doesn't even compare in terms of lasting power. After breakfast (I eat at work), the color is gone. It's as if I didn't even put anything on my lips.

If I don't eat or drink water (not probable), it will probably last a few hours.

Unlike the Liptone tint swatch I had on my hand that lasted 2 showers, the swatches I made easily washed off the next morning in the shower.

Final Verdict: 


While I do like the color, the reason for such a low rating is because of the lasting power. It's very important for me to not reapply anything throughout the day because who has time for that while you're at work? What's the point of having awesome lips, only for it to be gone once I take a sip or two of water? If I strictly wanted awesome yet subtle color on my lips with two coats, I would have definitely given this a higher score. But honestly though for the price, I can't really complain too much. It'll be a nice tint to use when I'm running a quick errand, but I wouldn't repurchase nor what I use it for work or an event.

Would you purchase this given the inexpensive price?

(It's finally Day 3 of my diet and in the end I lost 2.4 lbs overall)

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