Saturday, November 7, 2015

2015 October Favorites!

The end of October means we're just another step closer to the holidays! Last month, there was a little scare here in Texas with Hurricane Patricia touching down in Mexico. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad where I live, though the neighboring city did reach up to 18 inches of rain :( and still some parts of Texas is flooding.

On to happier things! I wanted to share my first monthly favorites ^_^ Knowing myself, this will probably be posted when we're already well into November.

I absolutely cannot live without oil absorbing sheets. For years I have been using Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets, but they're ridiculously expensive for just 50 sheets (I can use 5 a day). Paper oil absorbing sheets are useless to me, and I prefer the blue film type. I stumbled upon these sheets from Etude House and they do the same exact job for less than a third of the price. Yes, they're more difficult to get my hands on in terms of where to purchase them. But for the low prices, it's great to buy in bulk and stock up. A pack of 10 (5,000 sheets) can be purchased for about $13, while a 10-pack of Clean & Clear sheets would run me $44-60 depending on what store I purchase it.

If you've read my previous review regarding the Miyazaki Tints, you would know that my favorite shade out of the five was "With Eyes Unclouded". Though I only started using it towards the end of the month, it's been my favorite go-to lip product, especially when I'm not in the mood to wear drying liptints that day. The color is a sheer red with brown undertone. 

If any of you all are following me on Instagram, you may have seen this picture already. Though I have oily skin, I have been doing at-home chemical peels whenever I have a chance. This leaves my skin dry and irritated, which is why I love these masks from Pure Skin. Also, the design on them are hilarious. It's packed full of serum and hyaluronic acid, which is great for hydrating and moisturizing, especially during the colder weather. 

I received this in my October Ipsy bag and love it. The color is a lot darker when you put it on your nails than what it looks like in the bottle, but I think it's perfect for the Fall season. This is the only polish I have been wearing for the past month. When it starts to chip, I just reapply. The amazing thing about this polish is the drying time, which is very short. I apply one layer, and literally a minute later it's already dry. After the second layer, it won't take more than 5 minutes to dry. This is perfect because I can never sit still enough after getting my nails done, and always ruin them. 

Moon Choker 
The site I purchased it from no longer has it up, so no link. I purchased 3 of these for reasons unknown. I'm willing to part with one of them, so if anyone in the U.S. would like to get it (I'll pay for shipping & everythaaang), leave a comment below with your email and I'll send you a message!

Sorry about the quality and taking a mirror selfie.
I just ordered a tripod for my camera >_<
I have always disliked denim jackets and never owned a pair, mostly because I hate the feeling of denim (I'm not a big fan of jeans either). A lot of jackets I've tried on have always been rather stiff or require me "breaking it in" to make it softer. This jacket I purchased from Romwe is soft and does not feel like I'm being constrained every time I bend my arms. It's perfect for South Texas weather, especially since it never really gets too cold here. There's a grey hooded vest that comes with it, and I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't physically attach them to rach other, so you need to put them on separately. I got size XXL. 

I seriously wear my Birkenstock year round, meaning I'm never too fashionable in the shoe department. I purchased this boots from Romwe as well, and I'm really digging them. I like that I can easily slip them on and off since they don't have any laces or zippers. Since they're flatforms, it can be uncomfortable for people with high arches when walking around for a while. I recommend some gel inserts >_< Also, since they have a flat platform, I don't need to worry too much about being careful with my heel and breaking my ankle. 
It’s a little tough to describe the show in one short paragraph, but it’s a science fiction crime drama that that involves a Machine that separates crimes into relevant and irrelevant categories. The Machine is meant to predict terrorist attacks, and was created after the events of 9/11. Feeling bad that the Machine predicted ordinary crimes, ones that the Government ignores, the creator hires a former CIA agent that has been presumed dead to save the “Person of Interest”, or the person involved in the next crime.

I know I’m super bad with explaining the synopsis, but I’ve been really enjoying it. It’s on Netflix (Season 1-3), and I’m already almost done with Season 3. Season 4 should be on Netflix soon, and the 5th season is slated to start at the end of the year on CBS.

Sorry if the layout of this post was a little messy or congested, I've been frustrated going back and forth with my camera and my phone to take pictures because lighting...just sucks.
And that's the end of my first favorites post. I hope I didn't bore you all too much! I can't wait to read all of your fall posts these coming weeks :)

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