Friday, February 5, 2016

First Impressions: Mask Box Subscription

Slackin' slackin' slackin'. It's barely February and I have seem to already abandoned my resolutions. One being, blogging more. Two being, eating healthy. This month is seriously my redo month. January was just to test the waters >_<  I'm going to start it off writing about a new monthly subscription that deals with Korean beauty sheet masks. 

Mask Box is a new monthly subscription service that brings you a variety of Korean sheet masks and starts at $10/month.

As you can see, there are 10 different boxes you can chose from. Since I'm naturally very indecisive and couldn't choose which specific masks I wanted, I decided to purchase the Combo Box for $10. 

According to the site, we are automatically billed on our card every 15th of the month.

I'm always a sucker for subscription boxes that includes free shipping. I signed up for the monthly subscription on January 26 and received a shipping confirmation email on the 31st. The tracking number sent to my email did not work though. However, my masks arrived to me by the 2nd of February, which was quite quick. They ship from Los Angels, CA and I currently live in South Texas.

As for right now, they are only shipping to the US, but do hope to include internationally soon.

The masks in this folder type "box" and was shipped in a cardboard mailer.

You open it up on the backside. They had a cute thank you note stuck to a "free" mask I received as January was their launch month.

Also came with a card giving basic instructions on how to use a sheet mask. I wish it came with a short description of the masks I received instead, letting me know what each masks focuses on or what they're for.

The Masks: 

While the $10 box gets you 3 masks, I ended up getting an extra one as a "thank you" since it was their launch month. While it's always exciting to try new brands (such as Valsarea) I've never heard of, I couldn't find any information about this brand online, which leaves me feeling slightly "engh" about the product. The packaging is similar to Dermal sheet masks that you can purchase from Amazon for cheap as well.

You can also purchase a 10-pack of the Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheets from Testerkorea for a little less than $8...costing you about $0.75 for each mask. Granted, you do pay shipping, but I feel the overall price would still be less than these masks.

Here is some more information on their FAQ page

Overall, I'm not ridiculously impressed with the masks received. Since I got 4 masks this month, each mask cost me about $2.5. Every month after that, the 3 masks I'll be receiving will cost me $3.33 each, which I think is quite expensive. I was also hoping for more variety in terms of brands. I would've been more excited if all 4 masks were from a different brand. Is that picky of me?? I'll probably keep my subscription for another month or two just too see what other brands they'll be offering, we'll see! However, if you would like to try out new masks every month without really thinking about which ones to purchase, this service would be great for you as it makes you try new things (like most subscription boxes). 

Has anyone tried out a monthly subscription service for sheet masks? I've been eyeing the Mask Maven for $15/month but heard mixed review about it as well. I swear, these subscription services will be the death of my wallet.

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