Monday, February 29, 2016

[Review] GEO Twinkle Pink Circle Lens from Klenspop

Back with another pair of lens review!
Hello all~
This has actually been on my draft lists for months, but I was so frustrated with my eyelids in the pictures, I kept putting it off! Stupid excuse, but it was enough to keep my from finishing :<
If you read my previous circle lens review, you would know that comfort just wasn't there for my last pair and I ended up having to throw it away. Thankfully, I had ordered three other pairs of lenses from Klenspop that came in around the same time. I always order more than one lenses just in case one pair ends up being a dud, which happens too many times.

One of the ones I picked was Twinkle Pink, $18.00

Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 40%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 6 month disposal
Manufacturer: GEO

Color/Design: Choosing pink lenses can either be a hit or miss for me. One of my favorite pair of pink lenses is the G&G Big DM23 Pink, which seriously has me feeling like a princess. Other pink lenses I've tried in the past have made me look like an angry sick mouse. Seeing the Twinkle Pink lenses on the website made me feel a little unsure on how it would on me, but since it did look a little brown on the outside ring, I thought it wouldn't be so bad.
Enlargement: The diameter of these lenses are 14.2 mm, which is slightly smaller than the bigger 14.5 mm lenses I typically use.

Comfort: The smaller the diameter, the more comfortable lenses tend to be for me. I assume that's because the oxygen in my eyes isn't being sucked dry as much as it's covering less area? These lenses are definitely comfortable to wear everyday and is currently my default pair to wear, The only problem with these lenses is that they are drying when wearing for more than 4 hours. I do have astigmatism and since these are not toric lenses, my eyes just get dry easily.

Final Verdict:

These are comfy and the pink color isn't in your face, which I like. The only reason why this isn't scored a 5/5 is because it does feel drying after a couple of hours. I need to wear my lenses typically for a 10 hour work day, so comfort is important. And yes, I'm aware that's too long to be wearing them and I need to probably wear toric lenses. But aside from that, I hate constantly putting eye drops throughout the day because my eye makeup will turn me into a raccoon despite everything being waterproof. 

Do I recommend these? Yes. Would I repurchase? No. I'm not in love with it, and there's plenty of other pink lenses to try out.

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