Tuesday, July 19, 2016

[Review] Choonee Water Lip Tint Balm

For the past week, I've been trying out the Choonee Water Lip Tint Balms in Grapefruit, Cherry, and Peach sent to me by BB Cosmetic. In other words, the colors are orange, red, and pink. My lips have been ridiculously chapped and dry lately due to all the matte lipsticks I've been obsessed with, so I've been gravitating towards lip balms more often lately to give my lips a break and let them heal.

"CHUNHEE, a young lady just came up to Seoul from the countryside, who looks slightly less refined and brainy to become an urban girl.
She is reborn with beautiful and lovely looks by using the cosmetics made with best recipes. 
How was CHUNHEE able to change herself to a beautiful CHOONEE?
What kind of cosmetics made her have such beautiful skin?
Let's go into her daily life together."
How lovely is this packaging?!
How to use
"Apply along the line of the lips". Applying isn't tricky or difficult, as you put it only like any other lip balm. 

The tint balm is supposed to moisturize your lips with no stickiness or caking, even when reapplying it during the day. It softly (got that from the site) melts on the lips and maintains a beautiful color for a long period of time.

Hehe, sorry that my lips are ridiculously dry and chapped. I tried my best to take it at all the same angles, but UGHHH, so difficult. One of the main reasons I tend to stay away from tinted lip balms is because my lips are pretty pigmented already, so the colors tend to not show up as well. As you can probably tell from the swatches, the Cherry and Peach colors are almost the same. I noticed that Grapefruit kind of stains and runs a little outside of my lips. The swatch for it doesn't look that amazing, but I promise the color is really nice in real life.

Each balm costs $6.48, while it's $15.81 for a 3-piece set (all of the same kind). I wish they sold a set that had each color in it for that price, but unfortunately they don't. So if you do want to try each color, you would have to buy each individually.

They have a really subtle fruit scent depending on the name. The Peach one actually smells the best to me. You only notice the smell when you're applying it on, otherwise you forget it's there.

Lasting Power
Interestingly enough, these slightly stained my lips. When I was swatching the shades my lips, there would be a subtle tint of color left. I had a hard time scrubbing it off so I can take a picture of the next color, which is why you can see that some colors bled onto my skin. While it does leave a tint, just like any regular lip balms or chapstick, you need to reapply once or twice during the day after eating if you want to keep the lips moisturized.

It states in the description that it won't cake up after continuous reapplying, which is true. I'm a little "heavy handed" when it comes to anything in life, including applying makeup, so it's good that this doesn't look too cakey when I apply too much. 

I like these. Since I've been addicted to lip stains and matte lipsticks for what seems like this entire past year, my lips have seriously suffered. They're often dry and shriveled, and lip scrubs could only help so much. I noticed that the only thing I can do is to stop wearing all these drying lipsticks for a while! These lip balms are very smooth and I was initially surprised with how nicely the colors showed up on my lips. Since they give a nice color, I've actually been using these way more than my other usual lip products (talking about you, NXY). It's very creamy and moisturizing. I don't mind reapplying it every hour or so to keep my lips moisturized, since I don't really need to look in a mirror to put it on. They consistency kind of reminds me of the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms, except these Choonee Water Lip Tint Balms applies creamier, is more moisturizing, and has better packaging. If you come across these, or happen to be doing a haul on BB Cosmetic, I do recommend trying these out. Peach is my new favorite. 

Have you tried these lip tint balms? What's your favorite lip balm?

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