Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Lacking Substance & Creativity

I tend to get bursts of creativity, followed by a downpour of laziness. My drafts page is full of half worked posts that I get excited about one day, lose interest the next. Before even finishing this post, I think to myself "will this even be published?

In a time where quantity tends to overshadow quality, I am my biggest critic.

I am convincing myself to type what comes to mind and to click "publish" before closing down my laptop.

Why is it so hard? Who I am trying to impress? The Internet? But to what extent? I should write for myself. We all do. Worrying and constantly thinking about if there is anyone on the receiving end is useless. It destroys creativity. It destroys our well-being.

Being 27 and seeing young, successful personalities with millions of subscribers often makes me sad. I wish I had what they have when I was at age. But then there is the outpour of mental illnesses. You see videos about influencers sharing their anxieties, worries, and sadness. It  goes back to producing content for the Internet. Getting those views.

Blogging is almost dead, but I refuse to give up on it. I still like to read, I still like to write. Hopefully, there are still people out there that feel the same.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Penny + Grace: April 2018 Review

Attention. New obsession. Penny + Grace. 

I have recently been thinking about how different my style has evolved, even from just 2 years ago. From crop tops and jean shorts to chunky cardigans and leggings, I feel confident with just layers.

My choice of jewelry has also changed. I used to buy any and every loud, eccentric, and unnecessary statement piece I laid my eyes upon. Now, it's all about those dainty pieces.

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