Saturday, May 5, 2018

Penny + Grace: April 2018 Review

Attention. New obsession. Penny + Grace. 

I have recently been thinking about how different my style has evolved, even from just 2 years ago. From crop tops and jean shorts to chunky cardigans and leggings, I feel confident with just layers.

My choice of jewelry has also changed. I used to buy any and every loud, eccentric, and unnecessary statement piece I laid my eyes upon. Now, it's all about those dainty pieces.

For $19.99/month, you get 3 pieces of jewelry.
You have the the option of choosing between: gold, silver, rose gold, or "surprise me".
I chose to do the "surprise me", and ended up getting 3 old pieces. I have seen others get a mixture, which is what I assumed I would get. No complaints though.

You can also chose to not get earrings, for those who do not their ears pierced. I wish I had the option to refuse bracelets though, since I get lazy putting those things on.
Every month, you get a black zippered pouch, and inside is 3 smaller pouches that house the pieces of jewelry. How amazing is this packaging?

This month the 3 pieces of jewelry included were:
  • Double Link Bracelet
  • Double Link Necklace
  • Mountain Stamped Necklace

Both the necklaces and bracelet have 3 adjustable notches, which is amazing for laying the necklaces together.

So far, I am all in. I wish I had a coupon code for you all, because this is worth trying out. Cheers to hoping that it continues to only get better from here. What do you all think? Yay or nay?

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